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we partner with the largest vehicle transport companies in North America. Our services include door to door delivery and a one truck transport. Your vehicle will be fully insured during its transport. The type of vehicle transport services offered by our professional Auto Movers are Open, Enclosed & expedited.
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Car Moving Companies

While choosing the Car moving companies to ship your car make sure you check everything you need to know about the company before finalizing the shipping deal. It is not enough if you choose a good method of shipping and pay a lot of money and it is also important to know about the company you choose. There are a lot of things you need to note about the company and make sure you are going to keep your car with a person you are comfortable with. There are some specific thing you need to look for in accompany while shipping your car.

Does the Car moving company have a federal issued license to transport vehicles? Some carriers may be in the process of getting a license or they may be a problem with the company and their license might be kept on hold. No company is going to advertise the fact that their license is being kept on hold and they all would like to carry on their business uninterrupted. However the danger for you with a company that does not have a federal issued license is if some accident or damage has to occur then your insurance company might back off saying that the shipping company was not authorize to transport any vehicles and since it was an unauthorized act they any not cover it. In the end the person who is going to suffer the damage is you more than anybody. That is why as a matter of precaution it is better that you check for the federal insurance and ask to see a copy of it before you choose the Car moving companies.

Do the Car moving companies have a good customer support set up? If you tie up with a company where the security is answering the phone and telling you if your car has arrived then that is a bad sign. A good car moving company will have a proper customer support service that can give you answers on the status of arrival for your car using tracking facilities. Every truck in the United States can be tracked using the GPS and it is possible to know their position exactly. When you call the customer service number the company should be able to tell you where the truck is and if you should expect any delays and everything are safe as expected. This kind of reassurance is very essential for a good company.

Do the Car moving companies have tie up with storage companies? This is very important because what if you are not on time to pick up your car? Will it be kept outdoors or will it be locked up safely in storage even if you need to pay for it. Is the company responsible that way is a question that you need to ask yourself? Because if they are not bothered of your vehicle then they are not going to treat it well.

We can help you to get quotes form auto shipping companies quickly and easily. Your contact details will not be provided to anyone without your permission. This is a free offer and there are no commitments involved at all.

Get a free car transport quote from top car transport companies!!!

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